TLD is not your typical logistics company. We think like you think

To us, logistics is about more than moving products from point A to point B. It’s about the commitment and expertise our people bring to your business every day and making logistics your competitive advantage. And we never stop improving the results we deliver.


Share the space and reduce your costs. Our warehouse facilities stores products from multiple customers, each with their own space tailored for the customer and product’s needs. You pay for only the space you use.

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Cost efficiency is arguably one of the most compelling benefits of partnering with TLD. Instead of paying for an entire facility dedicated to inventory that often fluctuates and for which cost-to-store per product is inefficient, TLD allows multiple customers to share the cost of labour, space and transportation costs. TLD’s warehouses stores products from multiple customers, each with its own space tailored for the customer and product’s needs. Our multi-client facilities allow our clients to pay for only the space they use—a critical advantage for companies that can’t fill an entire warehouse all year round—improving their return on invested capital.


How your product is packaged for the ‘last mile’ depends upon the destination, method of transportation and the type of products being transported. All these factors can have a major impact on cost and how your product arrives at its destination. We work with our clients to minimise cost, maximise the customer experience and to reduce the impact on the environment. TLD subscribes to the eco-friendly packaging principles of “3 R’s” of “reduce”, “reuse”, and “recycle.

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We work with our clients to ensure they are using cost effective packaging and palletisation to minimise costs and reduce waste. Whether its Business to Business or Business to Consumer packing for the last mile is crucial to the customer experience. Our Sustainability objectives relate to material sourcing, packaging design, transportation and disposal.


TLD can reduce your freight costs leveraging off the collective freight volumes of our all clients. Whether your business is big or small, save and benefit from reduced freight costs from a collective buying power.

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Based on your specific requirements, we leverage our relationships with our transport partners to select the right freight mix for your business. We apply a ‘least cost method’ in selecting the right carrier to move your freight. Our automated freight management system utilises the destination postcode, consignment weight, cube and dimensions to work out the most cost effective and efficient transport company to move your freight.

TL Distribution 'TLD' is an industry leader in Third Party Logistics (3PL) and distribution solutions

Our warehousing services include, pallet storage, pick and pack, inventory management, freight forwarding, call centre/customer service management and scan packing for major retailers. We have extensive experience servicing online businesses, home delivery fulfillment, 'B2B' or 'B2C' and understand the need to get the right product to the right place, at the right time - and at the right price.

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